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Traveling within a small, like-minded group of fellow adventurers who share your interests and budget can offer an enriching and camaraderie-filled experience. Forge lasting connections, exchange stories, and explore new horizons together, all while leaving the logistics to experts. Join a group tour for an unforgettable journey where every moment is about discovery.

Collect Moments, Share Adventures: Group Tours Redefined
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And that remains unchanged with the introduction of our group tours. This offering emerged from popular demand, and we've answered the call. Affordable tours, exploring in close-knit groups, while upholding the same high standards as our private tours.

Dadamanga, the Madagascar travel experts

25 years of experience in Madagascar

At Dadamanga, our team of professionals offers unique Madagascar tours, planned by the TripAdvisor destination expert. Specialists in creating custom, tailor-made tours, we have recently begun offering these small group fixed departure tours in response to high demand.

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